Allergy & Sensitivity Masterclass

Discover A 3 Step System That Helps People with Allergies & Sensitivities

Manage Their Symptoms...

Even If Shots, Anti-Histamines and Avoiding Triggers

Have Not Worked


Many parents can get to the end of their rope dealing with their family's allergies.

I can certainly relate.


My name is Christine and I have been a nutritionist since 2005. I’ve been helping families, children, teens and adults with their allergies and sensitivities for over 17 years.

Although things are great for me now, things were once much different. I was challenged by my daughter’s eczema starting from when she was just 3 months old. At the time, I didn’t realize it was allergy related.


I didn’t know what to do.


My family doctor suggested things that either didn’t work or just masked the symptoms.



I was told to…


Switch laundry detergent, so I double rinsed the loads - but it didn’t work.


Switch to soy formula - but that didn’t work either.


Put cream 🧴on her skin - but it didn’t work and there was too much skin to cover!


She couldn’t be left alone to play in her crib 🧺 because she’d start scratching and bleeding.


I resorted to putting socks on her hands so she wouldn't scratch herself bloody.


Sure, it helped, but only as long as the socks stayed on. The only barrier that helped was petroleum jelly, but she always looked like a grease monkey!


The eczema mysteriously went away, then returned a second time - first behind one knee, then the other.


I just wanted it all to be gone!




By this time, I was practicing Nutrition and Bioenergetics, focusing on allergies. So I put my tools to work.


That’s when I made an unexpected discovery…

The body functions best when the lines of cellular communication are open.


And once I applied this concept, my daughter’s eczema cleared up almost immediately. I was so relieved!


Naturally, I was surprised by my own results. So I thought why not run a test group with some of my clients and see if it would work for them too.

And to my delight, it worked for most of them!


Obviously, there’s no single solution that works for everyone, but I was so happy that this worked so well…even for my clients.


It even worked for those where allergies run in their family or they had tried almost everything to have a normal life with little to show for their efforts.


I knew I was onto something. And since then, I’ve been able to help 1000’s of people with this same discovery.

And because I’m on a mission to help families find a safe and effective solution to their allergies and sensitivities, I feel it’s my duty to share this discovery (that’s worked so well) with everyone who can benefit!

It’s all revealed inside my FREE Allergy Relief Masterclass

Inside, I share:

Triggers many aren’t aware of which may be the root cause of their symptoms

Situations where the “gene factor” may play a role

Alternatives to shots and medications

Why “one size fits all” solutions doesn’t always work (and what to try instead)

How to feel more confident in various situations without the worry that often comes with it


This online workshop is FREE and it’s only for those who are open, ready to try a new approach, and most of all committed! It’s not for those who are struggling financially, unwilling to take supplements, or do the work.


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